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For adults in a professional setting

With our specialised coaching services in a professional setting, we help neurodiverse people to achieve long-term success in their professional lives; We analyse the work situation with the involvement of all parties concerned; If necessary, we examine various options, such as optimising the workplace, targeted further training measures or internal transfers;

After longer periods of incapacity for work, for example after a hospitalisation, we provide weekly coaching to help you reintegrate into everyday working life. Our goal is to maintain or find a job and ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved;

For students

Our coaching programme for neurodiverse students enables an optimal start to their studies and prepares them professionally for the transition to professional life; Before you start your studies, we support you in applying for possible compensation for disadvantages and help you plan your study programme – whether full-time or part-time. We work together to develop the skills required for the degree programme; During your studies, we offer weekly coaching to help you structure your daily study routine and use your personal resources mindfully. During the subsequent transition to working life, we provide support in the search for internships or permanent positions; Our aim is to enable a successful period of study and to facilitate the transition to working life;

For secondary school pupils

Our offer includes individual coaching for neurodiverse secondary school students; We liaise closely with school management and head teachers to discuss and define the specific requirements; Coaching takes place on a weekly basis, whereby we work on structuring learning content and individually defined behavioural goals; We provide support in the preparation of internships or language stays; We also provide support in filing for compensation for disadvantages;

When entering working life or studying, we look for suitable opportunities together and accompany this transition to ensure that individual needs are taken into account. Our aim is to enable young people to successfully complete secondary school and to pave the way to working life or university.

For trainees during their apprenticeship

Our offer includes job coaching before and during the apprenticeship. Before the apprenticeship begins, we analyse the working environment to ensure that it is optimally tailored to the young person’s needs and strengths; Together with the learner and the training company, we discuss the needs as well as the specific goals and competences to be developed;

During the apprenticeship, we support young people directly in the workplace. We are in constant dialogue with the training company and the partners involved. Our goals are the successful completion of the apprenticeship and the cultivation of a mindful approach to personal resources.

from the 8th school year onwards in the careers . process;

Our offer includes professional guidance and support in the career choice of young people, preferably at the beginning of the 8th school year; Coaching takes place on a weekly basis and initially emphasises building a relationship of trust; During the process, we work closely with the IV career counselling service; Together we identify interests, aptitudes and skills and compare them with the requirements of the world of work and possible apprenticeships; We provide support with the preparation of application documents and organise trial apprenticeships; We also look for internships and apprenticeships together; Our aim is to pave the way for young people to find a suitable apprenticeship in the primary labour market;